Art collection and cultural activities

When we are in front of a painting "work of art by predilection", the question that comes to our mind is "who is the author? "And then we will try to associate the work with the artist by examining his style. A work is based on the culture and history of the artist.

Art and culture, two inseparable but also different concepts

It is always difficult to define the word "culture", from there, the word "art" was born to assemble everything that revolves around: literature, music, painting ... They are factors of innovation and change in a society. Art and culture are sometimes confused. The two remain intertwined too. We associate culture with knowledge of habits; specific to a country, it can be defined as customs or uses. We take pleasure in showing it off to people. Beyond all this, culture is a skill, or a singular individual or collective work. And on the whole, art and culture will sensibilize, educate, form and mediate a work.

At what point can we claim that an activity is cultural?

The term "culture" covers several fields but paradoxically everyone understands the concept. However, let's remember that the goal is the same: to educate, to sensibilize, to train the society. And if we add to this the pleasure and the amusement, it will give us another result. The work in question must be mediatized and shown to the general public in order to achieve its goals. The public will have the choice between exhibitions for the painting, the pictures; performances for the representations . One thing leading to another, the artist will be able to promote his works.

The mission of the artist and art

In the first place , the artist will have as a task accomplishing the perception of his works, in order to do so he will play on the culture and affections. He will then convey an ideology or just a message by using the art in question. As time goes by, freedom of expression is achieved and everyone can appreciate the artist and his creations. It translates into passion and the need to possess and the art collection is born. We can demonstrate our love for art through our penchant for a style or an author or an artist. But quite right, "art" will be based on culture and comforting pleasure.
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