Art expert : The settlement of an inheritance in the presence of works of art

The art expert has numerous missions. These revolve around the evaluation, the identification and the recognition of works of art, objects of art, paintings and valuable furniture. He plays an important role since he will assess the value of the art pieces that are part of a partition or an inheritance.

The role of the art expert

The art expert plays a major role in inheritance appraisal when it comes to determining the value of art objects and paintings left in inheritance. Consult to learn more. His intervention is valuable because it allows an equitable division of an inheritance that includes artworks. Indeed, he is able to use his skills in various art fields. For example, for an inheritance that includes ancient objects, paintings, archaeological pieces, sculptures... it is essential to make a reliable assessment so that the goods are divided equally among the children or the beneficiaries. His mission also consists in authenticating and making an inventory of the artworks and valuable pieces.

Choosing an expert specialized in art

In the event of an inheritance or a distribution of the estate , a notary may call upon an art expert to carry out an inheritance appraisal.  Indeed, if a deceased person leaves artworks, it may be necessary to proceed to an appraisal so that the notary can divide the inheritance fairly. The heirs are free to choose the art expert they wish to have involved. If the heirs do not agree, the notary will appoint an art expert. The notary will draw up an inventory and an evaluation of the art collections so that the transfer to the heirs can be carried out without a hitch. If a will contains a precise inventory of the works of art, it may be necessary to update it if it is incomplete or outdated.

Evaluation by a specialist

An appraisal inheritance assignment is of great importance because in families affected by a death, it is not always clear how to approach this element of inheritance.  Each family member has his or her own theory and expectations, which can lead to conflicts over the distribution of the art objects. The art expert proceeds to the inventory of the artworks, name of the artist, size of the pieces, year of production... He checks the register of transactions which indicates the date and the price of the purchase as well as possible restoration bills. He also carries out the inventory of the artworks which are exposed or stored in a gallery or a museum. 
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