Estimate and appraise a bronze sculpture

Many people own a sculpture left by their grandparents or parents. It has a moral and ancestral value. If the ambition to know how much it is worth appears, it is high time to appraise it. What is the process to determine its monetary value?

Let's talk about bronze sculpture first

Bronze sculpture has been considered a decorative art since ancient times. The technique has remained unchanged for centuries. A first model is made in soil, wax or plaster before being cast in bronze with the help of a matrix. We can find it in low relief, sculpture in the round or in monumental statue. Nowadays, exhibitions or private auctions specializing in bronze sculptures attract many people. For example, "The Thinker" by Rodin was sold for more than 3 million euros for a size of 72 cm, how did this piece manage to reach such a colossal sum?

The process of estimating a bronze sculpture

The estimation of a sculpture goes through several steps. You can do it by yourself or hire the a specialist  in sculpture appraisal. First of all, you must take into account the quality of the sculpture: is it carved directly in marble, stone or wood? Then, specify its origin: where was it molded for its realization? Also determine the person who made the mold: is it the artist himself or a molder? Then authenticate it: is it the original or a reproduction, because depending on the case the value differs. Indeed, the same sculpture can exist in different sizes. You must also take into account the artist's rating and the quality of the work.

Hiring a professional to appraise your sculpture

Some service providers offer their appraisal services free of charge, for this, you just have to make an appointment. They will proceed to the estimation of your property by referring to the quality of the sculpture, its condition, the artist who would be the author of the work, and on the originality and authenticity. All of this is achieved according to the Code of Ethics of Art Foundries of November 18, 1993. For your information, the expertise will be done in complete confidentiality, without any commitment to sell on your part. If you wish to sell, you will make an agreement together. The value will be based on the results of sales of similar sculptures. Just remember that a sculpture can have a consequent quotation according to its originality and to the artist.
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