Famous artists who inspire us !

The world of decoration is a fascinating and vast world. Designers, sculptors, decorators, painters or others work in art to offer us a pure pleasure for the eyes, and passion for the amateurs. We are going to offer them a tribute by evoking their works and their careers.

Decorators and interior designers

A decorator is someone who makes decorations using the works or creations of other artists. Vincent Van Gogh is a recognized artist, a decorator will be the one who will highlight his works in a defined space. The decorators will have to be able to follow the trend in decorative art, the concepts of each artist in vogue especially. Similarly for interior designers, they can invent design objects for decoration or just arrange a space to highlight the works of art. Jean-Michel Frank for example is a decorator, he created artworks for decoration, arranged places according to his style.

Painters and sculptors

They are creators of decorative objects, we can appreciate their artworks in private homes or in an exhibition for the general public. The painters, emblematic characters of the art as Pablo Picasso, put themselves at the service of the art and the painting. From the beginning of time until today, painters and sculptors are our favorite decorators. They have crossed time to inspire contemporary and modern artists by their styles and movements. François-Xavier Lalanne and his wife Claude Lalanne, sculptors in the animal world, inspire a good number of amateurs. To say , painters and sculptors will always inspire artists and amateurs.

To evaluate the artworks

Artists create, exhibit, sell. We amateurs appreciate and enjoy their works through purchases and acquisitions over time. Some creations are priceless in valuation. However to know it, the evaluation of artworks in our possession is essential. For that, there are expertise offices which propose us their service, free or under conditions. Check out the internet for more information on the subject of " evaluation ". First interlocutor in Europe for the cash purchase and the free expertise of artworks. It provides a service to individuals or professionals in the evaluation of art. We will also have a follow-up on the artistic news and information on the current course of the art market. The articles we have quoted have influenced previous generations. They have become a source of inspiration and a model to follow.
François-Xavier Lalanne: The French sculptor and engraver
Jean-Michel Frank: One of the main French decorators

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