François-Xavier Lalanne: The French sculptor and engraver

We will discuss below about the sculpture and the engraving that cannot be excluded in the universe of the decorative art. François-Xavier Lalanne and his wife Claude Lalanne have offered to the general public some memorable works and pieces based, in general, on the animal world. They belong to the closed circle of important artists of the XXth century. We are going to evoke their course and realization.

Let's talk about the artist François-Xavier Lalanne

Born in August 28, 1928 in Agen. The artist studied painting, sculpture and drawing in Paris. His path seems to be quite obvious since his adolescence for his tendency for art and decoration. In fact, he started very early since in 1950, just one year after his studies, he took his first steps in the world of decoration by designing the new Parisian boutique Dior, next to Yves Saint-Laurent. His friends Constantin Brancusi, René Magritte and Salvador Dali helped him organize his first exhibition in Paris in 1952.

His journey with Claude Lalanne, his wife

In 1956, he decided to work with his wife Claude Lalanne, together they created works inspired by the animal world. The French engraver began to impose himself and define his style in his field. Lalanne and his wife began to design sculptures of domestic animals such as the "sheep", or wild animals such as the "rhinoceros". They try to demonstrate the functional side of the artistic products, they wanted with their designs to bring back to the culture a use in the art. Nature and the animal world offer them an infinity of forms to exploit, to sculpt. We cannot mention Lalanne's works without mentioning his preferred subject, animals.

The works signed Lalanne

The Lalanne family has to their credit a multitude of works, we will mention some of them in order to give an overview of their achievements and the kind of artists they were. François-Xavier Lalanne, a famous and distinctive sculptor, began with a solo exhibition in 1952. After that, his designs followed one another: "three bronze geese" on the market square in Sarlat-la-Canéda, "rocking garden bird" in polished and copper-plated steel. They have organized memorable exhibitions: in 1991, at the Château de Chenonceaux "Les Lalanne", in March-August 1998 "Les Lalanne à Bagatelle", July 2010 at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris "retrospective devoted to François-Xavier Lalanne and Claude Lalanne.
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