How much does a bronze statue cost?

Bronze is one of the first alloys that was used by man and has served as a base material for numerous manufactures. Its resistance to rust gives it excellent durability, making it an excellent choice for the creation of decorative objects. However, not all bronze sculptures are equally valued and require sculpture appraisal carried out by a professional in order to precisely evaluate its value.

Determining the value of a sculpture: an expert's business

The sculpture appraisal is not that obvious and can rely on several multidisciplinary criterias in order to distinguish works of art from traditional objects. Other than the use of bronze, the price assigned to the sculpture will depend primarily on its physical characteristics (size, age, condition, color, etc.) in addition to the seller's objectives. Rareness can also play a major role in the final price, because contemporary works tend to be second to those that have been perfectly preserved from the effects of time. As a result, an expert is the only individual suited to determine the price of a bronze sculpture, and will also be able to evaluate the artist's work by providing guidance on his or her methodology. You can find here all the requests for a bronze sculpture valuation with the benefit of a fast service that guarantees an accurate evaluation.

Bronze: elements not to be neglected

Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin, of which the quality depends directly on the melting process. Indeed, an altered fusion resulting for example from the creation of bubbles contributes to the appearance of flaws on the sculpture. These imperfections will also be able to impact the features of the bronze by reducing its resistance to rust and will also be taken into consideration for the price estimation. The expert will also be able to examine the generally unified patina that develops on the surface of the alloy, which can indicate the quality of the used material. Once it becomes thick and dark, it signifies that the pieces that were used are of lower quality.

Characteristics that influence the price of a sculpture

During their sculpture appraisal , experts maximize the object's history, and also associate it with the artist and the founder responsible for its creation. The quality of the object's construction will thus be maximized before the sculpture's characteristics and the evaluation will then be influenced by the artist's popularity as well as the reputation of the founder. Afterwards, the general quality of the sculpture will be analyzed to refine the price, and price tags are published annually in order to compare its value to that of sculptures found in art galleries.
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