How to determine the value of a Chinese vase ?

Chinese vases contribute to the work of art most that is sought among art enthusiasts and collectors. Therefore, finding an old Chinese vase or having a vase in your possession is a real cultural richness and it also has a great value depending on the model, the artist, and many other criteria. If you are not an art expert, it would be difficult to acknowledge the exact value of a vase. There are various ways to know a vase value.

Proceed to an online valuation

There is a very simple way to determine the value of a vase. To avoid travelling and increasing the risk of damaging your vase, it is enough to make an online valuation. You won't have to travel or spend  money. Everything is done through websites. Thus , you can benefit from a free and secure valuation. Auctioneers and art experts can help you determine the value of a vase. To do so, all you have to do is take a picture of your vase and send it to an auctioneer through his website. With a simple glance, he can evaluate the value of your vase. In rare cases, he can do a detailed research to figure out the value. It is important to know that the value of a vase depends on various elements: the era of its manufacture, the artist or the potter, its authenticity, its condition, the material used, etc. Click here to determine the value of a Chinese vase

Call a professional

If you are not convinced by the online valuation, don't worry, other alternatives are available. There's nothing more reassuring than meeting with a professional in the field , an art expert with an eye for recognizing the value of artwork. It is therefore recommended to go directly to an expert's office. Heis also the only one who will be able to confirm and give a certificate of authenticity.

Recognizing a valuable Chinese vase

You can quite recognize a Chinese vase by yourself. A valuable vase is not necessarily filled with decoration or design, and is not necessarily big. Its uniqueness also defines its value. It may have a quite particular shape, texture or color. The sound it makes when lightly tapped can also define its value. Thus, the vase can be evaluated in various ways. You can do it by yourself, call an expert or simply online.
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